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Blackfeet Transit Coordination Plan

Coordination Plan Outline


1. Attached minutes –

     A. TAC approval 

      B. executive board minutes attached.

 2. Attached letters of support

3. All agencies listed will and have been participating 


4. The Blackfeet Reservation is in a remote area located near the Northern Rocky Mountains: Transportation is limited and the number of resources for families is also limited, transportation to appointments, employment, and school is a necessity. 

Low-income families have no other means of transportation with limited resources, and unemployment rate of 85%, they are not able to buy a vehicle for transportation.  

Disability: People with disabilities are unable to drive therefore, Transit is their only means of transportation with accommodation.

Elder: have limited income, transportation and cannot drive themselves to their appointments, recreation, shopping, and personal agenda. 

5.  Each driver has flyers in their vehicles for the public to see and we also advertise in the local newspaper, and post throughout the community and rural areas.

6.  Transit is the only source of transportation on the Blackfeet Reservation for individuals who do not own a personal vehicle. A Community Health Representative, CHR, Program only provides strictly medical with limited transportation services. Telephone calls are constant at the Transit Program. 


Private Sector and Agencies Involved:

  • Elderly Care Center, ECC

  • Community Health Representative, CHR

  • Blackfeet Manpower One-Stop Programs

  • Blackfeet Community College

  • Blackfeet Opportunities

  • Blackfeet Early Head Start

  • Blackfeet Head Start

  • Southern Piegan Health Center

  • Blackfeet Care Center

  • Buffalo Hide Academy

  • Blackfeet Dialysis Center

  • Tribal Health Improvement Plan

  • Crystal Creek

  • Journy to Recovery

  • School District #9


Blackfeet Transit Mission Statement:

The mission of the Blackfeet Transit is to provide high quality, public transportation services throughout the Blackfeet Reservation.  The services will meet the mobility needs of the dependent population on the Reservation, including those individuals with disabilities, individuals who are not able to drive, and individuals who do not have their own means of transportation.  For some residents of the area, the Blackfeet Transit is some people’s only public transportation and is their only link to work, shopping, health care facilities, and necessary services.  For others public transportation provides an alternative other than driving an automobile.

Blackfeet Transit Value Statement:

The Blackfeet Transit Program and employees take great value in the availability of services to the Blackfeet Reservation.  The Blackfeet Transit has been providing transportation service since 1978. It is a growing program in serving the Blackfeet Reservation.  The Blackfeet Transit Program is available to all persons within the service area, senior citizens and handicapped the program prides itself in being inclusive and available to anyone, regardless of whether they are a tribal member, have special needs, or any other factor.  The Blackfeet Transit consists of fourteen permanent employees which include the Transit Director, administrative assistant, two dispatchers, and ten Transit drivers who are hard-working, go above and beyond their work duties to serve the customers in the best matter possible.  


The Blackfeet Transit Program is continually analyzing our ridership data to determine how we can provide more efficient services. We have established a Cut Bank, Montana shuttle service, Great Falls, Montana shuttle service and Kalispell, Montana shuttle service. We have added a new route to Heart Butte and will start service to the St. Mary’s, and Babb communities in the Spring.

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